About Us

About Us

Jonah Padberg was a typical boy growing up. He was into sports, cub scouts and various other activities. It wasn't until his parents bought him a Mega Blocks A-10 Warthog for his 7th birthday that he truly found his passion for designing and building Lego creations. The following birthdays and Christmases, Lego was at the top of his wish list and his skills grew with each passing year. His interest in various aircraft stemmed from his grandfather's World War II Naval Service, where he flew Torpedo Bombers from aircraft carriers. When he was about 13, he began constructing aircraft with Lego and by his own admission these first creations were not the well detailed kits you see today. His talents grew from those first aircraft.

The genesis of what Plane Bricks is today started to really take off when Jonah was around 16. Below are some examples of the direction he was headed as a builder. A native of Oklahoma, when Jonah was 19, he attended the first Brick Universe LEGO® convention in the spring of 2017 held here in Oklahoma City. He had thought he might like to sell kits of his creations but wasn't sure what kind of response his planes would get. The positive feedback from the convention assured Jonah that he should pursue his passion and with the help of his family, he launched Plane Bricks.com in January of 2018. And now, the story continues, a new chapter begins...


Here is the photo that started it all...