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For those of you that may not be as familiar with the Lego community as others, this is a digital file. Nothing physical will be sent. You will need to order brick to complete this build. The ''cost of brick estimate'' may change from the time from when the estimate was made.

Plane Bricks founder and master builder Jonah Padberg has never been to Great Britain. He barely comes out of his office to eat, but once you’ve experienced holding his latest creation, the A.V. Roe(Avro) Lancaster, you’ll feel like you’ve been there. 
The most successful British heavy bomber in WWII, the Lancaster, also called Avro Lancaster, was created for nighttime bombing of the German fatherland. The Lancaster emerged from the response by A.V. Roe & Company, Ltd., to a 1936 Royal Air Force specification calling for a bomber powered by two 24-cylinder Rolls-Royce Vulture engines. The resultant aircraft, the Manchester, first flew in July 1939, entered production the following year, and was committed to combat in February 1941. However, the Vulture engine proved to be a failure, and the Manchester was produced only in small numbers. Avro then proposed a redesigned Manchester powered by four Rolls-Royce Merlin engines, and the result was the Lancaster.
The Lancaster first flew in January 1941 and entered production in early 1942; it entered combat in April of that year. A mid-wing design with a twin tail, the Lancaster was powered by four 1,460-horsepower Merlins, had a wingspan of 102 feet (31 meters), and was 69 feet (21 meters) long. It was operated by a basic crew of seven, including the pilot, copilot, bombardier, navigator, radioman, and gunners. It could reach a maximum speed of 280 miles (450 km) per hour and a ceiling of 24,500 feet (7,500 meters), and it could carry a 14,000-pound (6,350-kg) bomb load to a range of 1,660 miles (2,670 km) at 200 miles (320 km) per hour. Lancasters powered by Bristol Hercules air-cooled radial engines also were produced as a result of shortages of Merlin engines, but these proved to be less capable than Merlin-powered versions. The engine production problem was eventually resolved with Packard-built Merlins imported from the United States.

Difficulty level: Expert (Level 4 of 5)


Cost of brick estimate: $300-$650


Includes Dambusters configuration



- Functioning flaps, ailerons, elevators, and rudder.

- Opening bomb bay doors

- Opening tail door

- Retractable landing gear

- Fully detailed interior

- Built to Minifigure scale (1/38 scale)

- Functioning props



- Length 22'' 1/2''

- Width 32'' 3/4''

- Height 5'' 1/4''


What is included?

- PDF instruction book
- XML file for easy part ordering
- Info File

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