F-106A Delta Dart Kit

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F-106A Delta Dart,  Single-Engine Supersonic Interceptor Aircraft.


Kit must be purchased to have the option of buying the add-on pack.


Prototype shown, may be subject to minor changes


Expected shipping date: November 10th 2023


What is included in the kit? 

- Complete color printed building instructions
- 1,641 new-condition LEGO® bricks and parts
- 174 high quality printed parts by ©Brick Designers
- Fits 1 LEGO® minifigures
- Functioning flaps, ailerons, and rudder
- Opening canopy

- Highly detailed interior

- Retractable landing gear

- Stand for displaying

- Built to minifigure scale (1/35 scale)



- Length 25''

- Width 13.2''

- Height 5.8''


 All building kits come disassembled  

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Head and shoulders above the rest…

If you collect awesome LEGO jets like this one, you know of the other brands out there. This is a superior product hands-down. Also, they use genuine Lego bricks and premium stickers. It’s an investment and stunningly beautiful to add to your collection.

Pure Awesomeness

PlaneBricks is one best MOC designer on the market
Count the time to design the MOC, time to collect and sort those parts, the custom bricks, the instruction booklet, the packaging.
Worth every penny
If you can offer it, I would not hesitate!

In defense of ...

Due to the sarcastic comments made by reviewer Jadyn, I feel I need to come to the defense of Jonah, the designer of models on this website. The aforementioned reviewer apparently does not understand that Plane Bricks is a small company and, as such, probably only makes as little as 10-15% of profit on each item sold. Yes, sales events and wallet-friendly options would be nice, but sometimes this is difficult for small businesses to accommodate (particularly in this economy). So, carry on, Jonah. You models are works of art I will continue to support Plane Bricks as much as possible!

Wow! All this for the low low price of $950?? A true steal...

Who is going to buy this for the price of a really freaking nice drone, or an iPad? There really ought to be some sale events and wallet-friendly options. It's a proper design, I admire the accuracy and sticker detail.