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For those of you that may not be as familiar with the Lego community as others, this is a digital file. Nothing physical will be sent. You will need to order brick to complete this build. The ''cost of brick estimate'' may change from the time from when the estimate was made.

Trivia question: How many SR-71 Blackbirds were hit by a missile in it's service life? 
Answer: Zero!
This replacement for the U-2 spy-plane came into the scene on December 22, 1964. Built by Lockheed-Martin at their “Skunkworks” facility in Burbank, CA, it earned the nickname “Blackbird” for it's minimal radar signature. Although decommissioned by NASA in 1999, it remains the fastest plane to ever fly setting the mark of 2193.13 mph in July 1976. 
Plane Bricks master builder Jonah Padberg has turned the Plane Bricks offices into his own “Skunkworks” to bring you his latest highly detailed masterpiece! Get yours today!
Difficulty level: Expert (Level 4 of 5)
Cost of brick estimate: $200-$400

- Functioning air brakes, elevons, and rudders

- Retractable landing gear

- Fully detailed cockpit

- Built to minifigure scale (1/38 scale)



- Length 33'' 1/2'' 

- Width 17''

- Height 6'' 1/2'' 


What is included?

- PDF instruction book
XML file for easy part ordering

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